9:30am Sundays

Adult classes

“What’s The Big Deal About Gender Anyway?” – Taught by John Gallo (Fellowship Hall)

Today it seems like we are awash in confusion over what it means to be a man or a woman. This confusion is being perpetuated by those who believe that gender is simply a choice. In this class we will examine why being made male or female is intricately tied to God’s special plan for one’s life and provide clarity from Scripture over His design for your life. We’ll examine how Christians can speak truth to this issue in a way that points to Christ and invites others to understand God’s intent.


“The Gospel of Mark” – Led by Nick Orell (Kitchen)

We are studying Timothy Keller’s study outline of the book of Mark. Last quarter, we looked at the theme of the first half of the book: “Who is this King?” This time we are looking deeper into: “What did Jesus come to do?” An insightful topical study in the kitchen. Breakfast snacks optional.