Fairview 2019 Missions Conference | “Fellow Workers of the Truth” (3 John 8)

God has given us a mission that is both local and global simultaneously. He has invited us to be Fellow Workers of the Truth. And so, we invite you to come and take part in something much bigger than ourselves.

We welcome 5 missionaries going out into different parts of the world to share the good news of Jesus Christ, through mercy and through verbal witness.

KIDS: There is a Junior Missions Conference each night for kids. We put this on to help our children catch a “vision” of one day serving God as a missionary wherever God may take them. It’s also a great time for hearing stories about missionaries.

NURSERY – There is also a nursery for little ones. Provided for all events below!

  • Sunday morning March 10, 10:45am: Missions Conference Kickoff Worship service.
  • Wednesday 5:00pm: Pizza kickoff. 6:30pm. Retired missionary to Peru, Bob Woodson – remaining very active today.
  • Thursday 6:30pm: Western Pennsylvania church planter David Schwiessing, planting in Indiana, PA!
  • Friday 5:00pm: YOUTH dinner, followed by 6:30pm Missionary family Shaun and Becky Hurrie, going to South Africa.
  • Saturday 8:30am until Noon – Women’s event at Gospel Fellowship PCA, to visit with missionary wives (women). Breakfast is served.
  • Sunday morning 9:30am and 10:45am: Missionaries Keith and Ruth Powlison, serving in the hinterlands of Peru.
  • Sunday Evening 6:00pm: New RUF minister Oliver Pierce, starting a new work at Indiana University in Pennsylvania.

EACH NIGHT the missionaries bring a message from the Bible, AND also a description of the work they do for the Lord. So we catch a glimpse of both the WHY they do it, and the WHAT they do.

This year, the conference is focusing on the providers back home: the sacrifice of time, prayer, and finances of all those who make missions happen by providing for missions to take place. The Bible has a name for them: “fellow workers for the truth” (3 John 8).

“May the whole earth be full of His glory!” Psalm 72:19

Come any and every night you’re able.