Have an interest in visiting, but have some questions first? This page is especially written with non-church-attenders in mind.

Frequent Questions

1  |  When is worship?

Worship starts at 10:45am Sundays.

We also offer Sunday School at 9:30am. It starts in the main sanctuary and spreads from there. It is a time for learning God’s word. There are classes for children of all ages. We usually have three adult discipleship classes, focusing on:

  • Bible study – Verse-by-verse or section-by-section.
  • Theology and Doctrine – like justification, salvation, or the covenants.
  • Practical or Topical Studies – like parenting, marriage, or work.

2  |  What is a Fairview church service like?

Someone will probably greet you when you come in.

You can expect there to be prayer, the reading of Scripture, singing, and a message that is usually ‘expositional,’ meaning, explaining the Scripture that is there. Our music is led by both guitars and piano in a mixture of styles. We believe in both reverent awe of God and also a living expression of faith.

We sometimes offer a time to share prayer requests, and we regularly have an offering, too. If you’re a visitor, please don’t feel any compulsion to give an offering. We’re just glad you’ve come to worship.

3  |  How do I dress for your church?

Some at Fairview like to dress well for worship, and others come in regular ordinary clothes. Please come dressed in a way that makes it easiest for you to worship God. If that’s jeans and a tshirt, great. If it’s in a dress or a suit and tie, also great.

4  |  Is there nursery or other things for my children?

There is a nursery for babies and toddlers. During the pastor’s message, we also offer an optional ‘children’s church’ for children ages 4 through 1st grade – we’ll announce it. But we also appreciate having kids in our services. We have baby changing tables in three of our bathrooms.

Visit here for youth ministry and here for kids ministries.

5  |  Do you have helps for older visitors?

Yes. We offer hearing devices and some thick cushions for our pews. Please see an usher for either.

We have ministries for older members, too. But you’ll have to come to find out more.

6  |  Do I have to talk to people?

Fairview tends to be pretty friendly, and someone will probably say hello to you.

But it is perfectly fine to come in, sit, worship, and leave. We’re just glad you’ve come to worship God.

7  |  What do you all believe?

The shortest version is that we believe that (1) God is holy and glorious, and has made people to worship him. (2) The Bible is God’s very word to us and we deeply need its authority over us, especially in such a confusing time as we’re in today. (3) Men and women are at the same time made in God’s image and also full of sin against God, and (4) Personal faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to being saved for eternity.

For more detail, click here for a list of some of our beliefs.

We are also “Reformed” and “Presbyterian.” See the next question.

8  |  What does your church name mean?

Fairview” refers to our location. We are located in a little spot in Ohioville Borough that at one time was called Fairview. Sometimes people talk about ‘buying local.’ Well, we believe it is very important to ‘worship local’ – in person, with God’s people.

Reformed” describes what we believe about God and the Bible. Reformed means among other things that we believe that God is sovereign over all things and deserves all glory. It also means that God – and not us – is our only hope for salvation. God sent Jesus to save. God changes our hearts to believe. This is why we thank him for salvation.

Presbyterian” refers to how we govern the church, by a group of elders and not just by the pastor. We believe it is biblical and would be happy to talk about it, but it’s the least important of our titles if you are new to the faith.

9  |  Who are the leaders?

We have a pastor page you can visit to learn about Pastor Jeff and Pastor Ric.

Charity te Velde has a degree in childhood education and heads up our Children’s Ministry.

Fairview has eight elders who oversee the church. They are elected men with different personalities and gifts, who share a devotion to God and a commitment to help oversee Christ’s church.

Fairview also has six deacons who provide crucial practical help in the church. This includes helping to provide for people in need through the Deacon’s Fund.

For anything else,

Feel free to click around the site.  Or better yet: Come and visit.

God’s grace, peace, and truth in Jesus Christ.