Buttermilk Falls

We were made to serve others.

An American man once left for one of the poorest countries in Africa to raise awareness for extreme poverty and to do evangelism. And one of the most common questions he got was, “What about the poor here?” Caught up in the work ‘out there,’ it made him think about his own United States.

Jesus Christ gives us two chief commands, and one of them is local: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 5:43, Matthew 19:19, Matthew 22:39, Mark 12:31, Luke 10:27, Romans 13:9). The Greek word for ‘neighbor’ simply means ‘one who is near.’ This means world missions without local missions doesn’t work! This also means that our local communities ought to be blessed by the presence of a church, who can show love to their neighbors.

Fairview Church is committed locally to Beaver County. And the wider United States. The missions committee supports various local ministries:

  • Beaver County (Beaver County Christian School, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Lifeline Pregnancy Center, Choices Pregnancy Center, and Bethany Christian Services).
  • We sponsor two Good News Clubs. These are afterschool Bible ministries held at Midland and Fairview Elementary Schools.
  • Harvest USA, a ministry to the sexually broken.
  • The Fairview Food Bank and our Deacons Fund help individuals in need.
  • Short Term mission trips in the United States: both for construction and evangelism.
  • Wider United States missions (the Presbyterian Church in America, and Mission to North America).

If you have an interest in restoring Beaver County both physically and spiritually, we would love to have your help. Join one of our good news clubs. Or help us in another way. Contact our missions committee chair, Mr. Rosh Raines at [email protected] 

May God restore you into Christlike wholeness.

For further information, see our commitment to global missions.