Hello and Welcome!

Years ago, JoAnna and I met a man who said he once had all he needed. But when from his beachfront balcony, he saw a family playing many floors below, he discovered feeling a void inside. The void was not entirely for family, although that came for him, too. The void was for purpose, and for God. And it eventually led him to give his life to Jesus Christ. Like needing food, water, and even sunlight, our need for God never ends. “He has put eternity into the heart of man,” Ecclesiastes 3:11 states.

I am praying the day I write this that visitors to our site like yourself would be led by God to the church to which He is leading you. To worship Him. To make your life about all He has already said. By clicking here, you’ve found a church that holds God’s word as authority, Jesus Christ as humanity’s only redeemer, and a life of worship and missionary purpose as one’s calling. I hope this website helps you in your search.

My name is Jeff Zehnder. I grew up in Virginia and Tennessee and did some schooling in South Carolina, where I also met and married JoAnna. I attended Covenant Seminary in St Louis, Missouri (M.Div., Th.M.) before moving to Beaver County in 2010. We have served at Fairview Church ever since. Three of our four children have spent their whole lives in Beaver County.

Fairview Church has been a special place to us and to many people. I hope you find a priority on the word of God, on God’s grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and on a mission to live your life by. Come for worship. Our Sunday service begins at 10:45am.

We look forward to seeing you. And may Jesus Christ lead you and guide you “for His name’s sake” (Psalm 31:3).

In Jesus Christ,

Pastor Jeff Zehnder