Sunday Worship | September 27, 2020

Worship, Sunday School, and Bulletin

1| Worship September 27| Sunday 10:45am

We will be having an outdoor service at Industry Park, across from the Willows. We  will not be live streaming this service.  We will record it and place it on the website around 3:00pm. All are welcome to join us at the park. We will be having a luncheon afterwards. check the outdoor worship post for more information.

2| Sunday School

You are encouraged to take part in Sunday school during the hour when you won’t be at worship.

Adult Sunday School: No Adult Sunday Right now.

For kids Sunday School : There is no children’s Sunday School right now. Will keep you updated.

Format for both: Prerecorded video

3| Bulletin

click here to download bulletin:  B20-09-27