Outdoor Worship at Ohioville Park | September 19, 2021

Worship, Small Groups and Bulletin

There is no Sunday School on Outdoor Worship Service Sundays.

1| Outdoor Worship September 19, 2021 | Sunday 10:45am

Pastor Jeff Zehnder will be preaching on Sunday at 10:45am.

Come enjoy the great outdoors and the whole body together in united worship. Service is at 10:45am, at Ohioville Park a mile from church: 506 Smith’s Ferry Rd., 15059. Picnic tables will be there, but bring lawn chairs! Worship, ‘fellowship’ (Acts 2:42) and being ‘one’ (John 17:22) are all our Lord’s desire.

Rain plan is easy: worship at Fairview! if mid to heavy rain worship at Fairview. if sprinkle we will still be outside at the park.

We will not be live streaming  this service unless we end up doing the service at the church.   Here is Sunday’s link if we do the service at the church.  https://youtu.be/htcAxRnLMOg

6:00pm Small Groups – We know that Jesus Christ worked with a smaller group of 12 disciples, even as he was teaching hundreds. Smaller fellowship makes it easier to ‘bear one another’s burdens’ (Galatians 6:2), invite community, and learn. What can the Bible teach us about the growth of our church? This fall, let us start our 2021 fall by hearing how the Spirit might lead growth at Fairview Church, by studying an excellent study on the book of Acts. “Acts: Seeing the Spirit at Work, by John Stott” . Check in the vestibule for places to go.

2| Bulletin

Click here to download bulletin:  B21-09-19