Sunday Worship | October 29, 2023

1| Sunday Education Hour | 9:30am

Sunday School – Sunday School opening at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. Then we head down to our classrooms. We have classes for all ages.

Children & Youth Sunday School 

Nursery: Ages 0-2 –Coordinator – LL 201 Mrs. JoAnna Zehnder

Toddlers thru Pre-K: Room LL 203 – Ms. Marie, Ms. Diane & Ms. Marci

K thru 1st: Room LL302 – Mrs. Charity te Velde

2nd thru 4th: Room LL204 – Mrs. Bre Hooks

5th thru 8th:  Library – Mrs. Heidi Shepler

9th thru 12th: Youth Room – Mr. Tony Carroscia


Adult Education Classes

New Members Class (Pastor Jeff // Conference Room)  9:30am

Considering membership, or wanting to learn about Fairview Church?  Questions are welcome! If anyone wishes to hear again some of the ‘back to basics’ of Christian living, you can attend, too.

  Staying the Course in a Turbulent World (John Gallo // Fellowship Hall) now thru December 3    9:30am

Christians can find it hard to live in today’s culture. Every day, believers confront opposing worldviews. The propagation of concepts such as “cancel culture”, “wokeism”, critical race theory, gender identity confusion, and other similar concepts are being pushed upon an increasingly ignorant public. Many Christians today lack the ability to discern the true nature of these issues, adhere to biblical principles, or otherwise communicate the truth with genuine affection. In this course, we will examine diverse topics such as gender identity, critical race theory, woke-ism, cancel culture, and utilize the Bible as a “toolbox” to equip us to engage others in a faithful and consistent manner.


2| Morning Worship |10:45am

Pastor Jeff will be preaching on Ephesians 1:11-14 “Eternal Security in the Trinity, Pt. 2″

Sunday is Reformation Sunday. The Reformation changed church history and brought the church back to the Bible and the doctrines of grace: Salvation by grace alone, faith alone, and in Christ alone. The book of Ephesians makes this crystal clear.

   It flows with the amazing grace of salvation. We have seen how salvation is planned by God. But how does it become applied to a believer? Also by grace: The Holy Spirit takes center stage. “Eternal Security in the Trinity, Pt. 2” (Ephesians 1:11-14).

Online livestream starts at 10:45am:

You may click on it at any time. But service will start at 10:45am. Format: YouTube livestream

3|Evening Worship

Missionary Report from Cliff and Leanne – Farmers and Missionaries to a sensitive country. We are blessed to have a direct link to the Lord’s global mission work. Come and hear your missionaries Cliff and Leanne report on their work.

 4 | Bulletin

Bulletin can be accessed here:  B23-10-29