“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection” (Philippians 3:10)

Who is Jesus? What makes him so special as our Redeemer?

In 2021 our worship services will focus on “Christ the Redeemer.” We’ll have truths and testimonies to communicate the rich wonder of Jesus Christ, the one redeemer of all mankind.


If we’re honest, many of us who use Jesus’ name only know some of all there is to know about Jesus Christ. The Bible has a wealth of doctrine about our savior and Lord Jesus Christ. In 2021, each week for many months, our worship services will teach a single doctrine about the person and work of Jesus Christ. And yes, there is enough to fill months of worship services.


But the Jesus on paper is also a Jesus who lives today transforming real human lives.

Throughout the months from February through July, we will also occasionally provide personal testimonies of how individuals have come to know Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is our Redeemer. There is no greater person on earth. And no other Redeemer of mankind.

Our sermons will continue to take us through the book of Genesis, “Broken Families and the Covenant God”.

May the Lord show you Himself this year.

Pastor Jeff Zehnder