Sunday Worship | April 2, 2023

1| Sunday Education Hour | 9:30am

Sunday School – Sunday School opening at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. Then we head down to our classrooms. We have classes for all ages.

Children & Youth Classes

Ages 0-2: Nursery LL 201 – Coordinator: JoAnna Zehnder

Toddlers thru Pre-K: Room LL 203 – Ms. Marie, Ms. Marci, & Ms. Diane

Kindergarten thru 1st: Room LL 302 (Rainbow Room) – Ms. Charity & Evelyn Stewart

2nd thru 5th: Room LL 310 – Jeff Lyden, & Linda D’Angelo

6th thru 8th: are joining Sr. high this quarter in the Youth Room

9th thru 12th Youth Room – Mark & Naomi Oosting

 Adult Classes  

Confessing the Faith – Led by Ben Hardesty (Downstairs Video Room) March 12- June 4

We’ll be using the Westminster Confession of Faith to guide us through the Bible’s teaching on salvation. We’ll start by looking at how Christ is our mediator, and then we’ll learn how it is that he calls us, justifies us, adopts us into his family, and sanctifies us. We’ll also look at what it means to have saving faith, how we are able to do good works, and how we can be assured of our salvation.


1 & 2 Peter – Led by Dan Sullivan (Fellowship Hall) March 12 – April 23

The class will be on 1 Peter & possibly 2 Peter if we have time.  1 Peter; a letter that teaches those who persevere in faith while suffering persecution should be full of hope.  We will look at the author, time frame, occasion and what the message was to the 1st Century church and how to apply it to our lives in 2023.


This special class on A Tour of Israel will begin April 30 and go until June 4

A Tour of Israel – Scott Shidemantle, Geneva College   (Fellowship Hall)     

In this special six week class, Scott Shidemantle (Professor of Biblical Studies and Bible Core Coordinator at Geneva College) will be leading us through an exploration of the land of Jesus and making connections with familiar stories about Jesus from the Gospels.

A Tour of Israel

April 30 Orientation to the Land: why “place” is important for our study of the Bible.

May 7 Bethlehem then and now.  The Church of the Nativity

May 14 Can anything good come from Nazareth?  Contrasting Nazareth with Sepphoris in the Galilee

May 21 Jesus, special places, and fulfillment: Jesus on Mt. Moreh, at Caesarea Philippi, and Shechem

May 28 Jesus and two healings in Jerusalem: Bethesda and Siloam.  Two healings with two different results

June 4 The Church of the Holy Sepulcher then and now. Visiting key locations in Jerusalem during Holy Week.


2| Morning Worship |10:45am

Pastor Jeff Zehnder will be bringing the message on Sunday at 10:45am.

Online livestream starts at 10:45am:

you may click on it at any time. But service will start at 10:45am. Format: YouTube livestream

3|No Evening Activities

4 | Bulletin

Bulletin can be accessed here:  B23-04-02 Palm Sunday