No Wednesday Activities but activities for Thursday & Friday

 Maundy Thursday Preparatory Service – April 6th at 7pm     Pastor Jeff Zehnder preaching

Why is this night different than from all other nights?  Why did Jesus earnestly desire to eat the Passover meal with His disciples on this night?  How can a person have his sin forgiven?   We will livestream for those who cannot make it.


 Joint Good Friday Communion Service at Fairview – April 7th at 7pm     Pastor Jared Nelson preaching

The Good Friday Communion service is a time for every Christian to remember Christ’s substitutionary death, by partaking of the Lord’s Supper. Let us remember the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  We are inviting Christ Pres., Chapel, Darlington, East Liverpool, and new Life; sister churches to join with us. We are having a dessert fellowship after the service. Please bring a dessert to share. We will livestream for those who cannot make it.