Sunday Worship | July 30, 2023

1| Sunday Education Hour | 9:30am

Sunday School – Sunday School opening at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. Then we head down to our classrooms. We have classes for all ages.

Children & Youth Classes

Ages 0-2: Nursery LL 201 – Coordinator: JoAnna Zehnder

Toddlers thru Pre-K: Room LL 203 – Ms. Marie, Ms. Marci, & Ms. Diane

Kindergarten thru 5th: Room LL 301– Mrs. Kara Masters

6th thru 8th: Library – Mrs. Heidi Shepler

9th thru 12th Youth Room – Mr. Tony Carroscia

 Adult Education Class  

How Should We Then Live?  – Led by Various Teachers (Fellowship Hall)    June 11 – September 3

In this video series, Dr. Francis Schaeffer analyzes the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. It presents profound truths in simple language and concludes that man’s only hope is a return to God’s Biblical absolute: the Truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures. Each episode focuses on a significant era of history (e.g. the Roman Age, the Scientific Age, and the Age of Non-reason) while presenting answers to modern problems.

2| Morning Worship |10:45am

Pastor Jeff will be bringing the message on Sunday at 10:45am.

Today is the second of our “First Things.” What defines Christianity? Which is also to ask: What is the Primary Reality of  Life? From Genesis 1:1 to Romans 5:8, we find: The primary reality of life is the God of Grace. This is a God who Chooses to Love. Do you believe in a world of divine grace, or in a world of human power? How should this view of the world-and-life radically alter the way we live?

  Online livestream starts at 10:45am:

you may click on it at any time. But service will start at 10:45am. Format: YouTube livestream

3|Missionary Visit & Evening Worship |6pm

We have a special guest! Dr. Matt Megill will be with us from Niger, where he is the director of a hospital there in Galmi. Come hear what wonderful things God has done through Matt and Tara and their family, and also what burdens of prayer we get to bear for them.

Hot Dog Roast! – We believe the Bible when it says the early church devoted itself to “fellowship” (Acts 2:24) as well as to teaching and prayer. So, this must mean ‘hot dogs around a fire.’ Stay and enjoy a hot dog roast after worship. Meet Dr. Megill or just enjoy church fellowship!

 4 | Bulletin

Bulletin can be accessed here:  B23-07-30