Sunday Worship | August 6, 2023

1| Sunday Education Hour | 9:30am

Sunday School – Sunday School opening at 9:30 a.m. in the sanctuary. Then we head down to our classrooms. We have classes for all ages.

Children & Youth Sunday School – for all ages

Adult Education Class: “How Should We Then Live?”  – Led by Various Teachers (Fellowship Hall)    June 11 – September 3

In this video series, Dr. Francis Schaeffer analyzes the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. It presents profound truths in simple language and concludes that man’s only hope is a return to God’s Biblical absolute: the Truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures. Each episode focuses on a significant era of history (e.g. the Roman Age, the Scientific Age, and the Age of Non-reason) while presenting answers to modern problems.

2| Lord’s Supper Morning Worship |10:45am

Pastor Jeff is preaching on “The Primary Sin” (Psalm 115:1-11). It is part 3 of the First Things sermon series. Pastor Jeff: “Today we look at the Primary Sin we must be watchful to avoid. This sin fills the Old Testament like a terrible TV rerun. And today, it regularly tempts our own human hearts. Let us take this sin to the cross. At the cross, Christ defeated the power of sin. Feast in Christ’s finished victory as we partake of the Lord’s Supper.”

Online livestream starts at 10:45am: Fairview Worship 08.06.23 – YouTube

You may click on it at any time. But service will start at 10:45am. Format: YouTube livestream

3|Evening Worship |6pm

Choose hymns to sing. We will hold prayer. And also hear God’s word. The sermon will fill out more on the (a) nature, (b) process, and especially, (c) how to defeat the Bible’s primary sin. We must watch and pray.

We will have a time for prayer. Two of our missionaries’ fields are suffering great instability right now. We will pray for the church in Niger during a political coup (Dr. Matt Megill) and facing persecution in Manipur, India (Rev. Pau Gualnam).

 4 | Bulletin

Bulletin can be accessed here:  B23-08-06 Communion