9:00 am Morning Worship A-K

9:00am Worship Service | All with last names A-K


1. There will be masks and hand sanitizers available when you walk in. (UPDATE: We are working on finding masks to hand out but may not have them the first couple Sundays; please bring your own).
2. You are strongly encouraged to wear a mask. If you have difficulty breathing in a mask, you might consider staying at home, or go mask-free if you must.
3. Please continue social distancing. We continue to encourage families to worship together in the pews. And pews will be marked off to keep distancing.
4. If sick or with a fever especially, please worship with us from your home.
5. Please be assured that we are regularly sanitizing the worship space.
6. Greet with joy! But avoid physical touch greetings.
7. For now there will be no nursery. Please parents of little ones, do not worry about children making noises in the service.
8. After worship, please no lingering indoors. Go outdoors to socialize if you must, so we can start the next service and exit the building.