Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study 10am

   Wed., February 7, 14, 21 & 28

    The ladies are starting the “At His Feet” Luke Part 3 chapters 17-24. We will be discussing Jesus last days on earth. We usually don’t like to think about pain and suffering but this is the way we naturally operate as humans. We like to think about ease, comfort, excitement and pleasure. We don’t want to linger on the difficult, painful, or stressful parts of lie. In fact, we actively find ways to bypass trouble. We avoid it not only in our daily lives but in our ideas for life. First century Palestinian Jews were no different. They had embraced the anticipation of a Messiah and were fully on board with a conquering and authoritative Christ, but they had no place in their understanding of such a leader for suffering. Why would a victorious Messiah suffer? What did death have to do with the one who would relieve oppression and defeat the Romans? Over and over Jesus’s disciples would misunderstand his intentions to suffer for the sake of the world. Jesus was never confused about the place of suffering in his mission. Our path is no different; Jesus told us so. Because of his incarnation and perfect work here on earth, we also enter the glorious throne room, free of fear, shame or dread. All of this he has done for you.  We meet in the church kitchen with Child Care available. Donations accepted.