Ordination and Installation of Officers

Ordination & Installation of Officers

 January 24, 2021

10:45am Service

 We will be installing all the new officers to the committees and retaining Elder Philip Chaffee, Ordaining Ben Hardesty and Giles te Velde as Elders; and ordaining David Arthur D’Angelo as a Deacon.


   Ben Chaffee, John Shepler & Erik Hollabaugh  – 3 year term

   Trustee of Corporation 

   Melvin Rowley – 3 year term

Church Auditor:

 Carmen Wilkerson-Bienick – 3 year term

Hospitality Committee:

    Vicki Hamilton, Diane Justice, Madyson Richards – 2 year term

   Vacation Bible School:

    JoAnna Zehnder – 1 year term

   Missions Committee:

    Rosh Raines, Alissia Miles, William Phillips         3 year term

 Women’s Ministry Committee

Marie Fowler – 1 year term

Susie Chaffin – 2 year term

Melissa D’Angelo & Angel Shepler  –    3 year term

Congregational Secretary:

Linda D’Angelo – 1 year term

 Assist. Congregational Secretary:

Amber Harteis – 1 year term

 Sunday School Superintendent:

   Kara Masters – 1 year term

Sunday School Committee

   Dan O’Neil, Stephen Hapach – 3 year term