Promotion Sunday

Promotion Day

Sunday, September 11, 2022


We will have certificates to present to the kids that are moving up to a new class, and we were hoping that each class would be willing/able to present something they have learned over the past year, perhaps a song or a verse recitation and if any of those Jr./Sr, High students would be willing to give a testimonial or something, that would be awesome!  We were thinking 3-4 minutes per class. In addition to this being what we hope is a special time for the kids, we also are hoping that it is a time that the rest of the congregation can get a glimpse of what the S.S. program is about, for the kids at least. We plan to have the adults join us in the sanctuary on that day. We’ll also have doughnuts, coffee, and fruit to conclude the hour.  For the kids/youth we will have their snacks/drinks set up in their classrooms where the “new teachers” can have a few minutes to spend with their new classes, and the adults will be able to fellowship in the gym.