Small Groups

   Small Groups

Sunday’s in October (except Oct. 30 because of reformation service in evening) thru November 27th at 6pm

  Smaller fellowship makes it easier to learn, ask questions and get deeper into the Bible. Let us start our 2022 fall by hearing how Jesus is the best anchor for our lives, by studying the book of Hebrews. “Hebrews: An Anchor for the Soul by: Michael J. Kruger”

  • When: Every Sunday Evening in the fall. Started September 11 thru November 27.

The book of Hebrews shows us that Jesus is better – better than anything. We all experience times when we are following Jesus out of duty instead of delight. At those times it it easy to look over at something else – some other person, situation, or way of living and think, “That looks better”. So the author of Hebrews gives us a doctrinal anchor: a clear, detailed understanding of why Jesus is better than anything else. It’s written to keep us walking with him on the path to life. Hebrews ranges across the Old Testament and shows how Christ fulfilled it all. It’s meaty stuff, but it’s wonderful stuff. This study will help us see why Jesus is the crescendo of God’s work on earth and to fall in love with him all over again.

Choose one of the three groups to attend

12:30pm Small Group (Ohioville) Jeff & Linda Lyden’s Home (this group meets after church for lunch & study). Location: Type in “148 Fairlane” into GPS. When you see the water tower, take the driveway next to it. The Lyden’s house is back behind the houses there. Pastor Jeff is leading.

6pm Small Group (Ohioville) Clark & Nancy Chevalier’s Home, 217 Pleasantview Dr. 15052. Scott Shepler, leading.

6pm Small Group (Chippewa) Pastor Ric & Dee Dee’s Home 220 Hickory Dr. Chippewa. 15010. Giles te Velde, leading.