Small Groups

         Small Groups

        December 9th at 6pm


Small groups are a time for smaller-group Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. You can ask questions, get to know others, laugh, grow, and support one another, or just come and watch. We need smaller fellowships to learn, endure, and simply to ‘be with’ one another. Our small groups are a time in a casual home environment for deepening fellowship and learning God’s word. We are studying the book of “Daniel”.


              Small Group One                           Small Group Two

Leader – Scott Shepler                         Leader – Pastor Ric Raines

Host – Tim & Angel Shepler                 Host – Rev. Ric & DeeDee Raines

451 Lisbon Rd., Ohioville                    220 Hickory Drive, Chippewa


       Small Group Three                                Young Adult Group

Leader – Giles te Velde                             Leader – Pastor Jeff Zehnder

Host – Paul & Marie Fowler                     Host – Kara Kauffman

366 Forrest Hill Rd., Ohioville                  810 Lincoln Place, Beaver Falls


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