Small Groups

6pm Small Groups – The study is Acts: Seeing the Spirit at Work. Choose one of 3 small group options and learn about how the early church grew.

Small Groups 1 & 2 (Ohioville) Host: Paul & Marie Fowler & Diane Justice  – At the church

Leaders: Elders Giles te Velde & Scott Shepler

Small Group 3 (Chippewa) Pastor Ric & Dee Dee’s

220 Hickory Dr. Chippewa. 15010.

Leader: Ethan Masters.

6pm Jesus Discovery Group – at the Zehnders’ house Who is Jesus? And why did he have to come? If you would like more familiarity with the larger Bible story, this is for you. It is 7 total lessons. Any questions are welcome. Next Sunday is lesson 3 of the Bible story.