Sunday School

All Sunday School is Cancelled for this Sunday, November 21st.

Kids and Youth Classes

Nursery: Ages 0-2 –Coordinator – LL 201 JoAnna Zehnder

Toddlers thru Pre-K: Room LL 203 Ms. Marie, Ms. Marci & Ms. Diane

K thru 2nd: Room LL310 Ms. Kara & Ms. Becky

3rd thru 5th: Room LL 204 Mr. & Mrs. Masters

6th thru 9th: Library downstairs – Mr. & Mrs. Billheimer

10th thru 12th: Youth Room- Mr. & Mrs. Oosting

Adult Classes

Philip Chaffee – Life Application – In the kitchen

Live Not By Lies” – In the gym.  John Gallo is teaching a class “Live Not By Lies” Today we are facing a cultural upheaval unlike anything in the past 30 years. Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, gay rights, gender identity, climate change and more have increasingly placed Christians at odds with society. Christians are now faced with answering the question: how do we remain true to the faith in a world increasingly at odds with our beliefs? Based on the book by Rod Dreher, Live Not by Lies, we will examine these cultural movements and how we can learn from past Christians in former Soviet and communist regimes to create a framework for how we engage the culture faithfully and “live not by lies!”