Sunday School and Adult Education Classes

9:30am – Sunday Education Hour

Sunday School opens at 9:30am in the sanctuary.

Sunday School Superintendent – Kara Masters

Kids and Youth Classes

Nursery: Ages 0-2 –Coordinator – LL 201 JoAnna Zehnder

 Toddlers thru Pre-K: Room LL 203 Ms. Marie, Ms. Diane & Ms. Marci

 K thru 5th: Double Door Room LL 301 Mrs. Kara Masters

6th thru 8th Youth Room  –  Mrs. Heidi Shepler

9th thru 12th: Youth Room – Mrs. Heidi Shepler

Adult Classes

 “How Should We Then Live” – Led by Various Teachers   (Fellowship Hall)

Starts June 11 – Sept. 3 in the fellowship hall.  In this video series, Dr. Francis Schaeffer analyzes the rise and decline of Western culture from a Christian perspective. It presents profound truths in simple language and concludes that man’s only hope is a return to God’s Biblical absolute: the Truth revealed in Christ through the Scriptures. Each episode focuses on a significant era of history (e.g. the Roman Age, the Scientific Age, and the Age of Non-reason) while presenting answers to modern problems.