The Threshing Floor

The Threshing Floor – Young adults (approx. ages 18-35). are facing many cultural changes, yet with little space to humanely work them out. Online ‘debate’ leads to the social killers: of isolation, simplistic views, and outrage. The Threshing Floor seeks to give an in-person space to separate out the kernel of what is true and useful in relevant issues from the chaff of what is false or useless. This is done through in-person community, debate, and respect. We tackle cultural or theological topics with a process, and ultimately informed by a biblically framed worldview. Held on the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7pm through May at the home of Rachel Sullivan. 3922 41st Avenue New Brighton 15066. Contact Josh Sullivan ([email protected]) or Ethan Masters for more info. Or, just show up!